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Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 08:24:24 CET

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    G. Battistoni gave me an answer last year which could also help you. You
    create a logic in which each energy has a probability to occur.
    For example, a Co60 source with 1.173 MeV and 1.333 MeV at same probability.
    In source.f, you define a random number between 0 and 1 (flrndm(xdummy))
    and if it is < 0.5, then PBEAM = 1.173E-3, else if it is > 0.5, then
    PBEAM = 1.333E-3.
    You can put these values in source card, by filling the whasou parameters.
    Of course, this is a simple example. I applied this method to an Eu152
    source (with the 13 most intense energies), and its works all right.
    If you try to sample neutron source, Nisy Ipe posted some message (here
    in which he described a routine to sample a source of Cf252. I tried to
    apply his energy sampling algortithm to an Am-Be source, it works all
    right. I never had the chance, so I thank Nisy.

    Hope it helps.


    fanoos a ecrit :

    > Dear Fluka users
    > I want to define a source which has a distribution of energy.Each bin
    > of energy has a certain probability.
    > I've studied fluka manual for this but I couldn't find anything.
    > How can I define this kind of source by a source routine?
    > Any help will be appreciated in advance.
    > Fanoos
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