RE: Scoring residual nuclei from a selected target nucleus species from a material mixture?

From: Tang, Alfred (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 21:39:12 CET

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    I wonder if it is possible to do what you want by (1) simulating the reactions without target species X in the material definition and then (2) with X in the material definition. Shouldn't the difference between (1) and (2) be what you are looking for if you keep everything else the same in the two simulations?

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    Subject: Scoring residual nuclei from a selected target nucleus species from a material mixture?
    Dear FLUKA community,

    I would like to score residual nuclei production from a particular
    target nucleus species in a material mixture. Specifically, I am
    interested in the activation of argon (and only argon) which exists in
    the geometry as a fractional contribution to different material

    I am reasoning as follows: I assume that prior to an inelastic process
    FLUKA must sample the target nucleus type, based on the material
    definition. So at the moment of interaction this information must exist,
    but it is not recorded for the user to know. So if this information
    exists during the calculation, perhaps there could be a way through some
    user routine to tell FLUKA that I am only interested in the residual
    nuclei produced from argon.

    I do not know if this would be possible at all, nor do I have any ideas
    on how to implement it. (My approach at the moment is to bypass the
    problem with an approximate solution.) However, since this would
    certainly be the best solution, I would very much appreciate any ideas
    (opinions, comments, etc.) on this.

    Kind regards,
    Zuzana Zajacova

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