fluence-to-dose equivalent conversion coefficients

From: Stefan Roesler (sroesler@mail.cern.ch)
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 11:43:38 CET

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    Dear FLUKA-users,

    Some of you are using the routine deq99c.f (a special fluscw.f
    user-routine) to convert fluence into dose equivalent. I have now managed
    to complete a Technical Note which I would kindly ask you to cite if you
    publish dose results based on that routine in the future. In addition,
    please continue to cite also the original work by M.Pelliccioni:

      Stefan Roesler and Graham R. Stevenson, "deq99.f - A FLUKA user-routine
      converting fluence into effective dose and ambient dose equivalent",
      Technical Note CERN-SC-2006-070-RP-TN, EDMS No. 809389 (2006)

      M. Pelliccioni, "Overview of fluence-to-effective dose and
      fluence-to-ambient dose equivalent conversion coefficients for high
      energy radiation calculated using the FLUKA code", Radiation Protection
      Dosimetry 88 (2000) 279-297

    If you are interested in either of the two papers and you do not have
    access or if you are interested in the routine itself please do not
    hesitate to contact me directly.

    Best regards,

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