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From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 17:07:27 CET

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    Hi Fabio,
                  just to complete my answer...

    1. about FLUGG

    It is still supported: the web page is old but the tar file is new and
    tested for the new (8) GEANT4 version

    2. again about lattice

    If you want to use only one LATTICE card for more containers (together
    with a lattic.f routine giving the proper transformation for
    each of them), you have to define the container interval by names (from
    region in WHAT(1) to region in WHAT(2)) and keep numbers to define the
    cell interval. Nevertheless, if I'm not wrong (in that case Alfredo please
    correct me), the present standard version does not support this choice and
    gives back an error message if you put numbers in LATTICE's WHAT(4-5) in
    COMBNAME mode. The bug has been fixed and the problem will be overcome
    with the new release.



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