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Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 17:57:06 CET

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    Hi Yann,

    Sebastien already hit in the center. I simply add some more information.

    > My first question is :
    > I have specified a WHAT(3)=1.0E+4 in the BEAM card. I have a doubt about the
    > output file. It says that the beam direction cosines are 0 0 1: means in
    > the z direction.
    > Is there something wrong in my input file?

    Quoting the manual:

    "When an isotropic source is defined (by setting WHAT(3) > 2000 pi),
    any cosines defined by option BEAMPOS become meaningless, although
    their values are still reported on standard output".

    > The source is surrounded by a Polyethylene container. I would like to
    > calculate the dose (Sv/h or Rem/h) coming from gamma and neutrons
    > outside this container as a function of the positions.
    > First, is it possible to calculate the dose of gamma and neutron ?
    > If yes, how can I calculate this values ?

    The Stefan's routine is the most suitable solution: you can find it (with
    documentation) at

    Together with a USERWEIG card, you have to insert into your input two
    couples of USRBIN cards (one for gammas and the other for neutrons)
    properly choosing the SDUM according to what is indicated in the heading
    of the routine itself (which obviously has to be linked...).



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