Re: mgDraw and low-energy neutron

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 16:37:11 CET

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    The problem is due that "low-energy neutrons" i.e. with E<20 MeV
    are transported according to the "multi-group" technique.
    In short that means:
    - transport and downscattering is perfomed by means of a matrix that
    defines the probability of going from bin i to bin j
    - there is a predefined number of energy bins, of different width
    - the energy of such neutrons does not vary continuosly inside that bins
    but has a fixed value.

    Using these informations like those of "normal" particles would lead to
    the productions of deltas centrated in energy at fixed values.
    Do not forget then the possible existance of weights.

    Does it really worth while using mgdraw under such complications?

    Can you try to explain a little bit your goal? Maybe,
    some of us can send you advices for other solutions which might be

            Giuseppe Battistoni

    On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Fabio Bellini wrote:

    > Hi all
    > i would like to use the mgDraw.f user routine with low energy neutrons.
    > In a talk of the last Fluka's course
    > I noticed the warning
    > "never use mgdraw.f with low energy neutrons unless very expert..."
    > I guess it's due to the special tratement used for low energy neutrons
    > but could please someone explain me a little bit more?
    > thanks a lot
    > fabio

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