Particle Yields from mgdraw.f

From: Lindley Winslow (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 02:08:39 CET

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    Hello All,

    It seems from previous discussions that the correct way to get out
    particle yields is in fact from the user written routine mgdraw.f. I
    have managed to get fairly good agreement on pions and previous work
    with my current setup and my silly mgdraw.f routine that dumps things
    to a text file for analysis later. This of course leaves issues with
    low energy neutron reactions and the "multi-group" treatment.

    I have tried simple things with the incoming and outgoing particle
    weights for iCode=300 reactions but I am not confident in the results.

    I was hoping for some enlightenment as to the correct way to pull out
    the number of neutrons produced in a low energy neutron interaction.

    I have attached my mgdraw.f and .inp file as they are usually useful.
    I have been trying to explicitly turn on all the parts of the physics
    model to guarantee that I have photo-nuclear interactions, muon
    interactions and residual nuclei production as they are all important
    to this problem. If the experts or other on the discussion list have
    comments they would be appreciated as usual.

    Thank you,

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