neutrons against Lithium-6

Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 12:57:04 CEST

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    I started mono-energetic neutrons in Lithium-6 and tried to look at the neutron energy when (n,ta), (n,g) and (n,2g) happen.

    I found that when the starting energy was 0.025, 0.050 an 1.00 eV, the neutron energy at the time of the above collisions was always, and consistently, 0.659 keV. The same happened when Li-6 was replaced by B-10. Why is it the same for different reaction types? Why is it a spike and not a spread distribution?

    My output files say:
    Cut-off kinetic energy for NEURTON transport: 1.960E-02 GeV
    Pointwise cross sections activated for Xsec mat. # 1 LITHIU-6

    One further question: does the energy listed in Table 10.1 of FLUKA manual (CERN-2005-10.pdf) include the neutron rest mass?

    Thank you very much,

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