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Dear Jean-Emmanuel
The situation reported in the post from Vasilis is still for in the latest respin. Alpha decay is available in the development version (which is tested on/by users during the FLUKA courses). It will be available in the next main release of the production version at a later date.


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I have a question for the developers : does the last respin 2c.5 take into account the generation of alpha particles from decay?

In this post, Vassilis clarified that alpha particles are not generated from decay
But in the first slide from the presentation "Advanced Activation 2016"
(last Fluka advance course in May 2016), it is mentioned that "The generation and transport of decay radiation (γ,β, X-rays, conversion electrons emissions and now also α) is possible during the same simulation which produces the radio-nuclides."

Thanks for the clarification.


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