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From: Ševčik Aleksandras <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 08:57:11 +0000

Hi, Mario,

Thank you very much, I was thinking about integration of the curve but could you please tell how viable is the option to place the plane detector in the front of phantom and to score the number of photon crossing it, thus I can calculate average number of photons per mm^2 - just for double check. USRBDX would be suitable for this?


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Hi Alex,

If you take the function photons(E) that you plot in “spektasjpg.jpg’ and you compute <photons> = INT_{Emin,Emax}(photons(E) x dE) / (Emax-Emin), this will tell you how many photons/mm^2 in average you will produce per mAs of current for your x-ray source.
So, for a long enough simulation, you could just multiply the usual fluka normalization by that number:
(pSv/primary) x (photons/mAs) -------> (pSv/mAs) because primary=photons

of course this assumes that in your sampling ‘source.f’ routine you haven’t biased the weights of the starting photons.


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Date: Friday, August 18, 2017 at 1:25 PM
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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Normalization of results for x-ray tube output / source.f

Dear experts,

I have made a test simulation but now I am not sure about the correct way to normalize the results.

I generated x-ray spectrum sample with SPEKTR 3.0 software, and using the help provided in this forum I was able to use modified source.f routine to re-create the beam and score the dose. I understand that that I get effective dose in pSv / primary. My question is what would be the correct approach to convert pSv/photon to pSv/mAs (x-ray Milliamp Seconds). Any comment / insight would be help,



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