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Dear Agnieszka,

In addition to the FLUKA manual, the activation lecture slides from the past FLUKA courses is a good resource where you can learn how to treat decay radiation. Please take a look at the latest one at

You can also find working examples in the past courses, like this one

Also, please carefully read the manual page for the BEAM card, note 8:
When the radiation source is a radioactive isotope, requested by SDUM = ISOTOPE and defined by command HI-PROPErt, special rules must be observed. Note that if a stable isotope is input, nothing will occur, and no particle will be transported. On the other hand, if the isotope is radioactive, it will be necessary to request decay in semi-analogue mode (command RADDECAY with WHAT(1) > 1). If RADDECAY is not requested, nothing will occur, and no particle will be transported. Commands IRRPROFI and DCYTIMES are not allowed: decay secondaries are sampled over the whole decay time from zero to infinity, and all scoring will refer to the time integral of isotope activity (dose, fluence, current, yield or residual nuclei PERDECAY, not the corresponding rates at particular decay times as it happens in the "activation study" mode).
Important: to score any quantity, command DCYSCORE must be issued with WHAT(1) = -1, and must be applying to all relevant estimators and detectors. Without DCYSCORE, no scoring will occur. For time-dependent calculations (see TCQUENCH, TIME-CUT) it is to be noted that transport of isotope decay secondaries starts with an age equal to the time of decay.

As of AUXSCORE, it has two purposes: 1) associate scoring estimators with dose equivalent conversion factors and 2) filters by (generalized) particle identity (for example score the total, photon only, or neutron only dose equivalent). Without AUXSCORE your detector will default to AMB74 conversion coefficients and dose equivalent from all particles.

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Dear Fluka Users,

I have question regarding dose equivalent calculations for radioactive

I am using RADDECAY and BEAM card for isotope source simulation and I am
trying to calculate the dose in defined region with AUXSCORE and USRTRACK,
however RADDECAY card also require DCYSCORE card to score the fluence from

Can You please advise if I should use both AUXSCORE and DCYSCORE for
calculating the dose, or maybe for radioactive isotope I cannot use

If it is possible to use AUXSCORE for radioactive isotope to calculate the
dose can You please advise where in output file I can find it's results?

Agnieszka Witkowska

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