[fluka-discuss]: Trouble running FLUKA

From: Sourav Sarkar <ssarkar1_at_ualberta.ca>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2017 20:32:00 -0700

Hi FLUKA experts,
I stopped using my installed FLUKA package for few months (last used in
August). Now that I wanted to update some of my work, I wanted to start
using it again. However, I am running into problems to run the input files
which were working before. So I tried to run run the example input file
(which comes with fluka package) to figure out the issue. When I run the
example input file for 5 independent runs, I get the following errors,

$FLUPRO = /home/sourav/FLUKA/fluka2011.2c-linux-gfor64bitAA

Initial seed already existing
Running fluka in /home/sourav/FLUKA/flukawork/fluka_3045

======================= Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 =======================

Removing links
Removing temporary files
Saving output and random number seed
     No ranexample002 generated!
     No example001.err generated!
Saving additional files generated
     No additional files to move
ERROR: Random seed '/home/sourav/FLUKA/flukawork/ranexample002' do not

I also looked into the ".out" file where at the end of the file I see the

" **** This version is obsolete and/or ****
  **** you are not allowed to use FLUKA ****
  **** Please contact the FLUKA list ****
  **** or look for an updated version ****
  **** at http://www.fluka.org ****

After seeing this, I went back to my own work and the above comment also
happens to be in my output files.

I have no clue how to fix this issue. I have tried installing the whole
package in a new directory, but it shows the same errors.

Please help me on this issue if it is familiar to you.

Thank you.

Sourav Sarkar
Graduate Student,
University of Alberta

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