RE: [fluka-discuss]: Settings to enable the reading of the Energy Spectrum

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Dear Raheem, There are various ways of scoring energy spectrum of particles. Depending on how you want to score it (i.e. energy spectrum of particles; crossing a boundary, in a region, generated by some interactions etc), there are different estimators. USRTRACK is one of these and it scores differential fluence of a particle type in a region. You can take a look also to USRYIELD, USRBDX and USRCOLL. There also more advanced methods of dumping various particle information by using specialised user routines such as mgdraw and usrmed but I suggest to familiarise yourself with the above cards first. Attached you can find the example from the manual for the USTRTRACK, how it looks in flair and bellow in a text editor. The manual example refers to the region number but it is recommended that you use region names instead. To clarify a source of possible confusion: In the FLUKA input file, when opened by a text editor, each line corresponds to a card. In the manual when a continuation card is requested that means a card following one of the same type with the SDUM=&. If you are creating/editing your input file with FLAIR there is no need to input a second USTRACK card as FLAIR does this automatically and shows multiple FLUKA cards as one. Hope this clarifies your question. Kind regards Lefteris ----------------------- Eleftherios Skordis Dep. EN/STI, CERN CH-1211 GENEVA 23 SWITZERLAND OFFICE: +41-22-7679541 ________________________________________ From: [] on behalf of [] Sent: 18 December 2017 15:10 To: Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Settings to enable the reading of the Energy Spectrum Dear Fluka experts, I am a student of Particle Physics, and I just started using Fluka, so I am a little confused about how to perform a particular action using the program. I wish to learn how to find the Energy Spectrum of the particles. From reading past emails, I understand our answer lies in the <USRTRACK> card, and even went through the manual for it. I know the manual has an example, but I still did not understand how exactly we can set the settings in order to get the Energy Spectrum. Do I need to use another card, like two <USRTRACK> cards with different settings or is there any other additional card or user routine to activate the <USRTRACK> in order to get the Energy Spectrum analysis? If there is only one <USRTRACK> card needed, what settings do I use? Sorry for the long message, and for the inconvenience. Regards, Raheem Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey. __________________________________________________________________________ You can manage unsubscription from this mailing list at

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