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Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 11:12:13 CEST

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    In your input you have LAM-BIAS with the INEPRI sdum. This means
    that biasing will be applied only to primary particles, that in your
    case are ELECTRONS. Photons are generated as secondary particles,
    therefore their ineleastic interactions will NOT be biased. Try to leave
    blank the sdum field of lam-bias, ans see if it works.
    I did not check the rest of your bias..

            I am using fluka for designing Accelerator based neutron
    In this connection i have made a input file, i am attaching it for
         The configuration of my machine is 3GHZ and 1 GB RAM. Though i
    used biasing option, the output of file (69 no)) showing statistical
    error near about 30 % after 15 runs. The 15runs took almost 17-18
         Is the biasing option used are right? or i have run the input for
    more time. Also suggest me that how can i improve the input

    Thanking you in an anticipation

    Mr. Bhushankumar Jagnnath Patil.
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    University of Pune,
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