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Date: Mon Aug 13 2007 - 16:39:17 CEST

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    Hi again

    Used the usbrea to convert the usbsuw output, scroll down, errors are in another block following the averaged value, take a look at the screen shot in attachment it is all described there


    Hoping it helps




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    Thanks for the reply


    So how does one extract the error associated with the 5 different runs.iF USBSUW output has errors written in it, how to get it to readable form?


    Thanks for the help


    Best Regards



    On 8/13/07, Joachim Vollaire <> wrote:

    Hi Sunil


    First use USBSUW to sum your different unformatted outputs, what you will obtain is a new unformatted file containing the averaged values along with the errors. After you can use the USBREA to convert the created file into ascii. As you said using USBREA on the unformatted output of a single calculation would be equivalent to requesting a formatted output (WHAT(3)> 0.0 in the USRBIN card)....





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    Subject: Statistics with USBREA


    Hi All

    I am trying to compute the error associated with USRBIN ( Bq/g ) outputs.
    The manual says USBSUW and USBREA together will give this.

    What I get with these two is just a data array similar to that obtained in a formatted output.
    How do I compute the statistical error of USRBIN outputs?




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