RE: [fluka-discuss]: !_at_importance in inputfile

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:36:30 +0000

Hi Franz,

all comment lines preceding Fluka cards starting by "!_at_" are used internally by flair
and completely ignored by FLUKA (as comments). This is valid for all but
the last respin of FLUKA, which reports them as "warnings".
The "!_at_importance" was added from an import or export to MCNP
as an additional property of the region needed to be propagated to/from MCNP cell equivalent IMP:
information. This one can be safely removed without any loss of information.

From: [] on behalf of Franz Siegfried Englbrecht []
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 15:28
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: !_at_importance in inputfile

Dear colleagues,

when opening an inputfile (filename.inp) in a plain text editor (gedit
in my case), some regions have an additional line before the 'region
definition line'.

For example:


Flair is not displaying that line.

I assume that its related to my biasing, but I cant find any
documentation. May I ask the favor that someone explains me the origin
and meaning?

Franz Englbrecht

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