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From: Paola Sala (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 08:46:45 CEST

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    Dear FLUKA users,
    A new version of FLUGG ( FLUKA with Geant4 Geometry) is available on the
    web. This release , FLUGG 2007.2 , is compatible with Fluka 2006.3 and
    Geant4.9.0. This is the first release of the package in the context of
    the LCG Simulation Project activities at CERN.

    Download and documentation is available from

    The FLUGG package has been developed by Sara Vanini in collaboration
    with the FLUKA developers (see ref 1) and its aim was to interface FLUKA
    to the Geant4 geometry. Help and support to FLUGG came also from the
    ALICE experiment at CERN (in particular I. Hrivnacova and I. Gonzales


    Paola and Witek

    1) M. Campanella, A. Ferrari, P.R. Sala e S. Vanini,
    ``Reusing Code from FLUKA and GEANT4 geometry", ATLAS Internal Note
    ATL-SOFT 98-039 (1998) ;
    M.~Campanella, A.~Ferrari, P.R.~Sala and
    S.~Vanini, ``First Calorimeter Simulation with the FLUGG prototype'',
    ATLAS Internal Note ATL-SOFT-99-004 (1999). )

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