Re: [fluka-discuss]: ERROR when FLUKA is running

From: Francesc Salvat-Pujol <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2018 09:49:50 +0200

Dear Анита,

it sounds like you might have a version of gfortran in your system which
is incompatible with the one used to compile FLUKA (gfortran 8.1).

Double check the version of your local gfortran (gfortran --version) and
make sure you picked up the corresponding .tar.gz gfortran file from the
FLUKA download site.

Let us know if the problem persists.



On Wed, Jun 06 2018, at 14:15 +0300, Анита Петрова wrote:
>Dear FLUKA users!
>I'm beginner in FLUKA. I downloaded and installed the version of FLUKA:
>fluka2011.2x-linux-gfor64bit-8.1-AA.tar.gz on Ubuntu 16.04. Then I tried to
>run the input file. A temporary folder was created where I found an error
>in the log-file:
>Fortran runtime error: Incorrect extent in VALUE argument to DATE_AND_TIME
>intrinsic: is -140490839164486, should be >=8
>Other input files have the same problem. Could you tell me what I need to
>File attached.

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