Re: low energy neutrons, binning and complementary software

From: Vitaly Pronskikh (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2007 - 12:41:50 CET

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    Hi Vasilis,

    could you please clarify one question:
    you suggest to multiply by the center of the bin: <E>*DN/DE,
    while in the FLUKA manual it is proposed to multiply by
    the width of the bin. Will not that be also isolethargic,
    and why you do it differently?


    > Hi Vitaly,
    > When you are using a fluence/current estimator in FLUKA for neutrons,
    > you will get the results in a histogram where the bins will be defined
    > in the following way:
    > (Elow, Ehigh = low and high energy limits you are requesting in the
    > input file)
    > 1) if Elow > 19.6 MeV: the binning intervals will be those you defined
    > in the input file log or linear is your choice.
    > 2) if Ehigh < 19.6 MeV: The binning intervals WILL ALWAYS be the ones of
    > the predefined groups in FLUKA, regardless the limits and number of bins
    > you have requested. Look in the manual section 10. The first & last bins
    > will be the ones containing the Ehigh, Elow value
    > 3) if Elow < 19.6 MeV < Ehigh: You will get the histogram split into
    > two parts. First for the high energies like the (1) case, with the
    > exception of the last bin that the lower limit will be always 19.6 MeV
    > (FLUKA histograms go down in energy) . The number of bins in the first
    > part will be less that what you have requested in order to keep the
    > bin-size as is defined in the input. Second for the low energies will be
    > given like in (2).
    > If you ask fluence, FLUKAwill always give you the DN/DE. To plot it
    > iso-lethargic you will have to multiply this value by the center of the
    > bin <E>*Dn/DE. If your are plotting it in log-E, then <E> should be
    > replaced by the geometric mean.
    > The EA-MC program is a neutron simulation code written by C.Rubbia and
    > cannot be distributed.
    > Best Regards
    > Vasilis

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