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Dear Modeste,

in the run dialog, on the top right there is the option to select the executable you would like to link.
Attached the relevant picture.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for helping with this.

I have used the source option in Flair and added the source file from compile -> build. However, the program does not seem to be linking with the source.f file. Any advice on how to solve this issue?

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   When you are using source.f, value in BEAMPOS card will not be
utilized. Only you should put one BEAMPOS CARD in your input just for
completeness of the input file. Everything sample in source.f card only.
  To call source.f, use SOURCE card in your input.

On 2018-08-24 22:00, Tchakoua Tchouaso, Modeste wrote:
> Dear Fluka Expert,
> This is my first shot at using the source file and will be glad to
> benefit from your experience.
> I am wanting to design a source which is a parallepipe with the
> dimensions given by -x to +x, -y to +y and -z to +z with electrons
> uniformly distributed within the RPP. The particle is sample from an
> energy distribution ( energy vs probability). I have written a source
> file for this but will like a second thought.
> Also, is the center of the source and the distance of the source to
> the detector set through the BEAMPOS? How do you call the source file
> in Flair?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Modeste
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> input file
> source file
> Energy Distribution
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