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> Dear Mahmoudreza,
> 1.) It's not needed to add the "source .bashrc" command to the
> .bashrc file. You just need to execute this command in the terminal
> after editing the .bashrc file.
> 2.) According to your screen shot the FLUPRO variable is now
> correctly set up, but some permissions needs to be fixed.
> As root run the following commands:
> cd /usr/local/fluka
> chmod -R a+rX *
> This should fix your permission problem, and you should be able to
> run FLUKA as non root.
> Kind regards,
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> To apply the changes in the .bashrc file, you should log out and log
> in again.
> It is not necessary to log out. Just type:
> source .bashrc
> Alberto
> Dear Dr. Fasso
> Thanks for taking time for solving my problem. I edited .bashrc file
> according to recommendation. Unfortunately my problem has not been
> solved. Attached file is my .bashrc file image and my terminal
> commands.
> Any help would be apprtiated
> Kind Regards,
> Mahmoudreza
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Dear David,
I followed your recomendations but unfortunatelly the following errors
have occured!!!!!

[root_at_mahmoudreza ~]# make
FLUPRO=/root flutil/lfluka -o flukahp -m fluka
$FLUPRO = /root
 now linking
ar x /root/libflukahp.a fluka.o
rm: cannot remove '': No such file or directory
g77 -m32 -mcpu=pentiumpro -O3 -g -fexpensive-optimizations
-funroll-loops -fstrength-reduce -Wall -fno-automatic -fno-silent
-ffortran-bounds-check -I/root/flukapro -v -o flukahp -Xlinker -Map
-Xlinker fluka.o -L/root -lflukahp
flutil/lfluka: line 157: g77: command not found
cd flutil; FLUPRO=/root make all; cd ..
make[1]: Entering directory '/root/flutil'
/root/flutil/fff -N actdline.f
/root/flutil/fff: line 129: g77: command not found
/root/flutil/fff -N hpadd.f
/root/flutil/fff: line 129: g77: command not found
/root/flutil/fff -N hpc.f
/root/flutil/fff: line 129: g77: command not found
/root/flutil/fff -N hpfor.f
/root/flutil/fff: line 129: g77: command not found
gfortran  -o actdline actdline.o
gfortran: error: actdline.o: No such file or directory
makefile:61: recipe for target 'actdline' failed
make[1]: *** [actdline] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/root/flutil'
[root_at_mahmoudreza ~]#
Since i encountered a lot of problems during the installation of fluka
on fedora 24 I am going to upgrade my system to fedora 28, but  Since
i have a dual boot system, i am concered about losing my data and dual
boot situations????
please let me know how to upgrade this dual boot system without losing
my data???
If i lose my data on linux partition, i do not mind, because i can
transfer them to windows partition, but if i lose my all data, i do
not have external backup from them. is it safe to upgrade the system?
Thanks indeed
Any help would be appritiated.

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