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Dear Duy,

Thanks for your reply. I still have some problems as follows:

1)I want to know how to active the pointwise transport, which card is applied?

2) As the manual states "if pointwise transport has been requested by the user, all other charged secondaries, including fiss", does it mean the secondary products of (n,B) reaction will not transport to the next layer in my detector setting, which I want to score the current of these ion products leaving the last layer to the work gas. Maybe I don't understand this sentence, could you explain it?

Thank you once again!

best regards!


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Have you activated the pointwise transport ? Because following the FLUKA manual, we have :

"Recoil protons and protons from N(n,p) reaction are produced and transported explicitly, taking into account the detailed kinematics of elastic scattering, continuous energy loss with energy straggling, delta ray production, multiple and single scattering.

The same applies to light fragments (alpha,3-H) from neutron capture in 6-Li and 10-B, if pointwise transport has been requested by the user. All other charged secondaries, including fission fragments, are not transported but their energy is deposited at the point of interaction (kerma approximation)."


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Recently, I simulate a GEM type neutron detector which has a converter layer of natB4C(natural B) seen in the following figure, and I want to score the fluence/current of the (B,n) reaction products(αand Li+) to the next Al2O3 layer, unfortunately, I always get a ZERO result(seen in the attachments).The abundance of B-10 in natural B element is about 19.8%, so why I can't obtain a positive current value of αand Li+ after the nuclear reaction? I look forward your help, and any help is appreciated!

Best Regards!


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