Re: USRTRACK fluence spectrum scoring in GeV/nucleon instead of Ge=

From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 18:29:01 CET

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    Dear Niels,

    indeed you can hack fluscw.f, but you must use it in a non-standard way.
    That means that you don't assign any value to FLUSCW (leave it at the
    default value =3D ONEONE), but exploit the fact that fluscw.f is called at
    tracklength scoring to manipulate the energy of the ion.

    Put the following lines in fluscw.f:

           INCLUDE '(FHEAVY)'
           INCLUDE '(PAPROP)'
           FLUSCW =3D ONEONE
           IF (-6 .LE. IJ ) THEN
              IA =3D IBARCH(IJ)
           ELSE IF (IJ .LT. -6) THEN
              IA =3D IBHEAV(-IJ)
           END IF
           PLA =3D PLA/DBLE(IA)

    Of course, in your USRTRACK commands must set the maximum and minimum
    energy of the spectrum in a way consistent with the fact that it will
    be a spectrum of E/n and not of E.


    On Tue, 13 Nov 2007, Niels Bassler wrote:

    > Hi Alberto,
    > thanks for your reply!
    > I don't mind hacking fluscw.f if it is possible. But even that I dont
    > know how to do:
    > Sure I can modify what is being scored (by changing FLUSCW =3D
    > WHATEVER_I_WANT ), but I cannot see any possibility to change _where_
    > (meaning: in which energy bin) it will be scored.
    > Example:
    > I want to use the USRTRACK & fluscw.f results with my own stoppingpower
    > calculations.
    > If I run fluka for some hypothetical situation and get
    > 1 x 100 MeV proton
    > 1 x 200 MeV deuteron
    > 1 x 300 MeV triton
    > I know how to get three output files with the reults.
    > And of course I could bin all in one single output file, but then the
    > important information is lost of what particle had one energy:
    > Energy bin:=09=09Fluence:
    > 0-100=09=09=091
    > 101-200=09=09=091
    > 201-300=09=09=091
    > 301-400=09=09=090
    > this I cannot use for stopping power calculations, because I have lost
    > the information of the isotope composition for Z =3D 1.
    > But if I somehow could bin it in energy/nucleon instead It would be
    > cool:
    > Energy/amu bin:=09=09Fluence:
    > 0-100=09=09=093
    > 101-200=09=09=090
    > 201-300=09=09=090
    > 301-400=09=09=090
    > because, the stopping power per nucleon for equal Z particles is the
    > same.
    > It would then be sufficent for me, to just generate one output table for
    > every ion-charge Z.
    > I think it is possible to do it with HBOOK, but there must be an easier
    > way??
    > I hope what I am writing can be understood ... thanks a lot!
    > Cheers
    > Niels
    > On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 08:43 -0800, Alberto Fasso' wrote:
    >> Hi Niels,
    >> as far as I know, the only way to change the USRTRACK energy
    >> spectrum scoring to GeV/nucleon is to write a fluscw.f user routine.
    >> But that is what you are trying to avoid, if I have well understood
    >> what you said.
    >> Regards,
    >> Alberto
    >> On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Niels Bassler wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I want to score the fluence particle-energy spectrum of heavy ions
    >>> (Z>2), and currently I use the USRTRACK card (scoring particle -2)
    >>> together with a customized fluscw.f routine (which identifies the ions
    >>> via USRDCI). This works fine enough.
    >>> However, it is a bit unelegant to have one USRTRACK card for each
    >>> possible isotope of each ion species, as both the .f and .inp files get
    >>> rather bloated.
    >>> Instead, I could directly score all isotopes with one Z into one logica=
    >>> unit (defined by a single USRTRACK card), but this makes only sense for
    >>> my work, if I can score it in terms of GeV/nucleon, and not GeV.
    >>> So the question is: is it somehow possible, to change the USRTRACK
    >>> energy spectrum scoring to GeV/nucleon instead of GeV? (and if yes, how
    >>> do I do it?)
    >>> Cheers
    >>> Niels

    Alberto Fass=F2
    SLAC-RP, MS 48, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park CA 94025
    Phone: (1 650) 926 4762 Fax: (1 650) 926 3569

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