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From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 10:52:05 CET

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    Dear Jamshid,

    you can plot the z-distribution [you set only one bin both along x and y]
    of energy deposition that you see in your FORMATTED file associated with
    the unit 35, by whichever tool you prefer.
    On the other hand, e.g. inside FLAIR, you can automatically get a
    two-dimensional colour plot, but for this purpose you have to redirect the
    respective output to an UNFORMATTED unit and you need at least 2 bins
    along at least two axes.
    By the way, in your input there are a few mistakes:
    - a typo in EVENTYPE: EVP instead of EVAP
    - NEGATIVE kinetic energy limits for USRTRACK (the quantity expected in
    WHAT(1) and WHAT(2) of the continuation card is just kinetic energy, so
    negative values are meaningless)
    - a bad choice for the output unit of RESNUCLEi: -11.0 means unit 11
    unformatted, but 11 is the unit - formatted - reserved for standard output
    (.out). For your scoring cards please use unit numbers > 20 (< -20 if



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