Re: [fluka-discuss]: No data obtained after running flair

From: Andrea Fontana <>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018 10:50:01 +0100

Dear Jyoti,
    I was able to run your example and to see the output: energy
is indeed deposited in your detector.

To access the results, after the run is complete, you have to select
the "Data" button in the "Run" tab of Flair and click on "Process".
This creates a file (test3_21.bnn) that can be used to plot the
results in the "Plot" tab: you have requested a region based plot
and you can, for example, plot your value as 1D projection (results
are saved in the text file test3_21_plot.dat).

I see that you use source.f to generate a monochromatic and
isotropic gamma source: this is fine, but you could also have the
same source with an easier method by using the BEAM card with

I send you a modified version of the .inp file, with the BEAMPOS
card and an extra USRBIN card to see how the energy is deposited
also in the shield.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Il 03/11/2018 05:41, Jyoti ha scritto:
> Dear FLUKA Experts,
> I am new to FLUKA. I have made an input file and run it.
> It has run completely and in status it shows, Finished OK. But when I
> didn't get any data, it is blank.
> I have attached my input file and source file.
> What might be the problem?
> With Regards,
> Jyoti

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