Re: [fluka-discuss]: Problem calling usrsuw on FLUKA gfor64bit MAC

From: Fabio Pozzi <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 09:58:44 +0000

Dear Luigi,
Thank you for your feedback. Actually, I do not know which vectors I should modify in usrsuw.f…
What kind of information you need to know to better understand the error?


On 16 Dec 2018, at 19:42, Luigi Salvatore Esposito <<>> wrote:

Dear Fabio,

it’s not easy to debug this error with the info you provided…

According to previous messages on the list, it could be there is a problem in processing the recnuc files,
most probably because you’re running out of memory.

If this is the case, you should assign more space allocation to some vectors inside usrsuw.f (you need to compile it).

Hope this could help.
Cheers luigi

On 14 Dec 2018, at 17:28, Fabio Pozzi <<>> wrote:

Dear FLUKA experts,
I have a problem when calling the usrsuw routine on my Mac to precess files from RESNUCLEi (see below).
Any idea?

Thank you in advance
Best regards,

Started 2018.12.14 17:26:59

Processing: test1_51.rnc cmd=/Users/fabiopozzi/Software/fluka2011-2x-mac-gfor64bitAA/flutil/usrsuw


Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x137dd64bc
#1 0x137dd5853
#2 0x7fff6d46df59
#3 0x137dd5e75
#4 0x137f1222c
#5 0x10d5756c2
#6 0x10d568ece
#7 0x10d55bf55
#8 0x10d575df2Processed file is older than some of the dependencies (%g). Maybe the run is still going on?
Error processing: test1_51.rnc
Ended: 2018.12.14 17:27:04

Possible errors: test1_51.rnc
Correctly processed:

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