Re: [fluka-discuss]: neutron yield

From: Ivan <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 12:23:45 +0300


Yes, if you want to get the number of neutrons, you need to multiply the
third column on energy interval and angle interval. It will be the
number of neutrons per primary. But you need to keep in mind that for
angle interval in output always in use solid angle in steradian! And
after that to get the yield you need to multiply on your intensity, so:

Yield = d2N/dx1dx2 * dE(col2-col1) * dOmega(Limits in steradian!) *

Best wishes!

Ivan Gordeev

14.01.2019 10:50, kabytayeva пишет:
> Dear Fluka users!
> I have used USRYIELD d2N/dx1dx2,where x1-angle,x2-energy. Is it
> correctly if I would like to get neutrons yield in neutron per
> second,I need to multyply the third column to anglle*intensity and to
> energy(2column-1column for every value of neutron yield in the third
> column)?

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