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Dear Rushan,

The LAM-BIAS card in your input has SDUM = INEPRI, but as the manual has it: SDUM = INEPRI inelastic hadronic interaction biasing, as requested by another LAM-BIAS card with SDUM = blank, must be applied only to primary particles. So it may be ignored, I'm not sure.

The BIASING cards will probably also do nothing because they are applied as particles travel from vacuum region to vacuum region. This will simply create replicas of the particles crossing those boundaries, but should not improve statistics. Importance biasing is typically useful for problems with strong attenuation and/or large geometries. The lecture from the latest FLUKA course is a good starting point for working with these techniques:

You may also find useful the exercise input file:



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Hello dear FLUKA experts !

My problem is statistics.

I would like to use LAM-BIAS and BIASING cards to reduce computation
time by increasing particles, but nothing happens ...
I will be glad to help and any advice!

Thank you in advance!

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