[fluka-discuss]: Re: FLUKA in docker / a question-problem

From: Horváth Dávid <David.Horvath_at_eli-beams.eu>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:28:02 +0000

Hi Ela,

I think starting the Docker Quickstart Terminal and the Command Prompt as Administrator would solve the problem.
You can set up these to start as administrator automatically.
(See: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/automatically-run-any-application-as-admin-in-windows-7/ )

If not, you can change the permissions for C:\Users\docker. You need to add "Full control" to Users.
(Some help showing how to do it: https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/windows-7-access-denied-permission-ownership/ )
Maybe you need to delete everything in the folder first, as I'm not sure if the files and subfolders inherit this change automatically.

I hope this solves your problem.


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Dear Elzbieta,
    I send this reply and your original message to the Fluka-discuss
list and to David Horvath too, so that he can add his comments and
you have his email. Please, keep the messages in the list.
I think that the problem relies in the fact that on Windows 7
Docker cannot use the full virtualization technology Hyper-V, but
it is based on VirtualBox. You should have installed the so-called
Docker Toolbox and not the Docker Community Edition version
(which is for Windows 10): is it correct? The instructions are
at the following link:
Can you run succesfully the hello-world example?
With this version, you should first start the Docker QuickStart Terminal
as Administrator: this initializes Docker and you can close the terminal
when it has finished. Then it is important to work in the /c/Users/docker
directory (the /c/docker is not accessible) and you have to start F4D
with our script run_win10_home.bat(it is named for Windows 10 Home Edition,
but it should work also on Windows 7).
Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a Windows 7 machine to try:
in any case, make sure you have the latest version of our scripts.
Hope this helps... let us know!
Kind regards,
On 12/03/2019 14:54, Elzbieta Nowak wrote:
> Dear Andrea,
> I would like to ask for an advice concerning the problem with running
> flair in my newly installed container.
> I passed the installation and managed to open my container in dockers
> (my OS is Windows 7...) however I face a strange thing in my
> docker_work as I cannot save or even make a directory there. Looks
> like I have no rights even if I see all are admitted.
> For flair I can open it but  I cannot save neither inp nor flair.
> Do you recognize the problem?
> If I disturb you with this question could you direct my email to David
> Horwath, I do not have an email to write him.
> With my best regards,
> Elzbieta Nowak
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> *Elzbieta Nowak*
> PhD, Applied and Medical Physicist**
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> E-mail: elzbieta.nowak_at_cern.ch
> ela.nowak_at_gmail.com
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