[fluka-discuss]: fluka2011.2x.6, respin of fluka2011.2x, released

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 19:18:01 +0100

Dear Fluka users,

fluka2011.2x.6, a respin of fluka2011.2x, is now available on the
Fluka web site, https://www.fluka.org.

This respin contains few fixes, and three capabilities enhancements which
are briefly described below:


- a possible crash in the getlet routine (used for LET scoring) when
   an ion interaction is rejected by BME being below threshold is fixed
   (thanks to G.Arico` for reporting/fixing)
- a fake error about energy non conservation message under the same conditions
   (BME below threshold) is now no longer issued (thanks to F.Salvat-Pujol
   for reporting/fixing)
- an extremely rare infinite loop in a kinematic routine is fixed
   (thanks to G.Arico` for reporting/fixing)
- an inconsistency in the auxiliary routine gplevbin used by Flair which
   was causing in some cases a shift of one pixel in the 2D plots has been
   fixed. Now the routine returns the same exact numbers resulting in
   identical plots regardless whether g77 or gfortran is used
   (thanks to F.Salvat-Pujol for reporting/fixing)


- the synchrotron radiation special source has been backported from
   the development tree with some new capabilities added. Please look
   at the release notes/manuals for more details
- optical photons can now be input in a user written source routine.
   They can be used in source as any other particle, using the particle
   id -1 (ILOFLK (NPFLKA)=-1)
- a few further protections has been implemented, in particular
   empty PHYSICS cards (that is with no meaningful WHAT such to trigger an
   action) are now stopping the code under the assumption that the user
   intended to accomplish something different from adding a completely
   dummy/useless card

As usual, support/assistance will be provided only for the latest respin.

            The Fluka developer team

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