From: Buthaina Abdalla Suleiman Adam (buthaina@aims.ac.za)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 16:03:03 CET

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     I want to get the flux of neutron at 400cm away from the target outside
    Steel tube 200cm (regST5) and iron tube200cm (regFe6). My problem is the
    flux value is zero, even when I made the iron tube shorter than 200cm
    (10cm, 100cm). Also I made regFe6 just as vacuum to see if I can get any
    flux but still the same. I don't is this problem due to the number of
    regions (there is a flux outside regST5)? Please any help, I attached the
    input file

       Thank You in Advance,
       Buthaina Adam

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