[fluka-discuss]: About BEAMSPOT, SPOTBEAM, SPOTPOS and SPOTDIR

From: Emerson Mario Boldo <Emerson.Boldo_at_unioeste.br>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 16:33:49 +0000

Dear Fluka users,

I'm using the latest version of Fluka / Flair (fluka2011.2x.6) via Docker on Win10.

In the 2018 version of Fluka Manual, it says that we can set multiply beams using SDUM = BEAMSPOT
on the SPECSOUR card and then properly configuring SPOTBEAM, SPOTPOS and SPOTDIR.

However I got the following error:
*** Unknown control code: SPOTBEAM, ignored ***
***** Next control card ***** SPOTBEAM
**** Unknown Input card !!!!!!!!! ****

Is this function not yet implemented in Fluka?

I need to simulate two pencil beams of photons (90 degrees to each other)
converging to the same point, I think using SPOTBEAM, SPOTPOS and SPOTDIR
was the easiest way to do this, right?

Thanks in advance,

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