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From: Jiasen Ma (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2008 - 22:16:06 CET

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    Dear Fluka users,

    In my setup, I use source.f to read incident particle
    informations (x,y,z,px,py,pz) from the list in a file. I only
    need the events with energy deposition in a certain detectors
    to be less than a specific number. I also keep track of energy
    deposition in those detectors by adding DTRACK(I) and RULL in
    mgdraw.f if MREG is the region number of the detector that I want.

    Is it possible to stop the shower simulation of the event and
    skip to the next one once the energies in those detectors
    cross the threshold? I don't want to quit the program. The
    reason that I want to do this is for time saving in simulation.

    Is my way of counting the energy deposition sum correct? Both
    continuous deposition and point deposition, and only these
    two, should be count, right? Are there variables tracking sum
    of deposition in each region as shower develops in Fluka?

    Thanks a lot.


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