From: riya dey <riyadey_at_barc.gov.in>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 12:21:36 +0530

Dear FLUKA Experts,


I have some doubts regarding creating geometry with the help of LATTICE
card. A simple input is attached here. Here I have created two target
regions, namely, taget1 and target3. When I want to create a replica of
target3, I have used transform card at the same location where target3 is
situated and named that region as replica3. Then I have used LATTICE card
for the region replica3


Now, my questions are:


1. If we want to create two replicas of target3, can it be done using
single transform card and single lattice card?

2. Now, I want to replicate target1 also. Is it possible to replicate
these two target cards (target1 and target3) using single transform card and
single lattice card ?

3. What is the difference between transform card and lattice card?

4. How to assign materials in the replicated region?

5. If new lattices are created using lattice card, how to get the
USRBIN scoring in those lattice regions since in the USRBIN card, these
lattice names are not appearing?


Thanks and Regards


Riya Dey


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