Re: [fluka-discuss]: Problem with URBIN

From: Alessandro <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 10:28:48 +0200

Dear Francesco,

The main problem is that usrbin does not plot the geometry. It always
gives me error for that. I do not score energy, I score beapart or
neutron. I create a geometry and eery regions has a boundary. When there
is only vacuum in all of the bodies it does not show me anything in the
plot. Like the particles were not present. This problem arose just after
the last upgrade of FLUKA. I have to reinstall it because I could not
use the good working old version of it.

Best regards, Alessandro Calamida.

Il 14/05/2019 08:52, Francesco Cerutti ha scritto:
> Hi Alessandro,
> it's hard to understand what you are talking about, since you mention
> installation, USRBIN, geometry plotting (which could yield nothing due
> to the absence of region boundaries in your selected projection),
> Flair and empty vacuum (which could make perfectly sense if you score
> ENERGY) at the same time. Please attach the relevant input and explain
> in more detail what is the problem.
> Best regards
> Francesco
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> On Mon, 13 May 2019, Alessandro wrote:
>> Dear FLUKA experts,
>> I just made the update and installed the new FLUKA. Unfortunately,
>> now I have a lot of trouble to use the usrbin scoring. It does not
>> plot the geometry anymore and if the medium is vacuum nothing os
>> shown in that region in the plot.
>> What could cause thi problem? A new version of flair was not released
>> yet.
>> Best regards, Alessandro Calamida.
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