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Date: Sun Mar 16 2008 - 04:16:39 CET

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    Our group has recently become interested in the Lattice feature in FLUKA
    and have taken some steps to understand how it's implemented and how to
    use it. We first attempted a simple case making 2 copies of a box and
    seem to work as predicted. Movitivated by newly acquired confidence we
    constructed a 5 x 5 x 5 lattice.. Initially it appeared we were again
    succussful, however further test revealed differently. For example , if
    a beam of neutrons were initiated on the Z-axis above or below the
    lattice and directed toward lattice (all regions assigned to vacuum),
    the run yields expected results, however if this is repeated on the X or
    Y axis, the process generates a flood of geometry errors and finally the
    job terminates without output from mgdraw.. Unfortunately the geometry
    debugger does not reveal any problems (this is assuming we are using it
    correctly).. For further details relevant files are attached.

    I appreciate any suggestions for understanding this problem..


    In the OUT file, the message "Exit being called from G1, next region not found." appears at the end...
    In LOG file, we get the the statement "STOP TOO MANY ERRORS IN GEOMETRY: STOP statement execute

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