[fluka-discuss]: [fluka-diskuss]: USERBIN, specific activity, gamma ambient dose-equivalent

From: Angel <a.demerdzhiev_at_phys.uni-sofia.bg>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2019 16:40:07 +0300

Hello everyone!

I have read the manual and went through the presentations from the FLUKA
courses but I am still in doubt about the right configuration of the cards
to obtain the following:

1) gamma ambient dose-equivalent after a month: should I use USRBIN (with
DOSE-EQ), DCYSCORE and AUXSCORE with photons? Do I get pSv/s and so in
order to obtain the ambient dose-eq in uSv/h i need to multiply by 1E-6(to
convert to uSv)*3600(to convert from s to h)?

2) specific activity: by using USRBIN with DCYSCORE and AUXSCORE I am
obtaining the specific activity in Bq/g after EOB as pointed in the
DCYSCORE cord? Are there any additional conversions I need to make? And I
should use the the AUXSCORE card to get the spcefic activity generated by
neutrons, gammas, all particles?

Please find attached my .inp file so you could see if what I am doing
makes sense.

Best regards,


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