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From: Stefan Roesler <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 14:56:30 CET

Dear Denis,

Yes, define a tiny Au-target and bias the interaction length with
LAM-BIAS, similar to

Don't forget that you'll finally have to correct for the finite target
thickness. With biasing you'll force FLUKA to simulate an interaction but
all secondaries carry a weight which corrects for the biasing factor.

Alternatively, I could send you a stand-alone version of DPMJET which you
can use to simulate single Au-Au interactions. However, then you would
have to write out final states in an external file and read it in via
SOURCE into FLUKA... Probably rather complicated.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Bertini, Denis Dr. wrote:

> Dear Stefan,
> I am indeed defining a Au beam with BEAM and HI-PROPE and use
> DPMJET. Now how to make this Au ion beam collide another Au ion
> (which will be at rest) using DPMJET ?
> Another question , should i also define a Au target at a certain width
> and reduce the interaction length in target material with LAM-BIAS
> card in order to have 100% interaction target defined ?
> thanks in advance
> Denis
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> Dear Denis,
> I am not sure if I understand correctly what you mean by "Fluka used as a
> event generator". What you can do is defining a Au beam (with BEAM and
> HI-PROPE cards) at the required energy and a Au target via the usual FLUKA
> input. You then have to activate DPMJET via EVENTYPE/Sdum=DPMJET and run
> like any other FLUKA run. This would be a fixed-target configuration (this
> is what you want, correct?), not Au-Au collisions in the cm frame.
> In each A-A collision (including Au-Au) DPMJET3 will create two excited
> residual nuclei which are passed onto the FLUKA modules for evaporation,
> fragmentation and deexcitation. All fragments are transported by FLUKA and
> fed back to DPMJET (or RQMD at lower energies) in case of re-interactions.
> Hope this answers your question(?)
> Greetings
> Stefan
> On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Bertini Dr. Denis wrote:
> >
> > Dear Fluka Users
> > I am interested in fragment produced in high energy heavy ion collision
> > ( typically Au+Au at 25GeV/c).
> > I am wondering if Fluka used as a event generator (using DPMJET for
> > example ) will be able to produce
> > fragments. This is quite important since the energy carried out by the
> > fragments produced will not be
> > detected by our zero degree calorimeter.
> > Can i for example "force" Fluka to collide a Au beam on a fixed Au
> > target using DPMJET event generator and would that produce fragments ?
> > thank in advance
> > Denis Bertini
> >
> >
> >

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