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Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 16:10:02 CET

 Hi Frances,
 thank you for your question showing that you are carefully inspecting
 your output file, something important and crucial to verify calculation
 results, thus often mentioned on the list!
 The mentioned messages can be ignored if not being too numerous, e.g.,
 occurring during each event, etc... They are 'normal' alerts left also
 in the release version code in order to verify certain algorithms and
 intended to alert about possible problems and technical aspects which
 are not of general interest for users. Posting them is absolutely
 helpful in order to identify possible problems in the release version
 - which seems not to be the case in your example!
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  Hello fluka users,
    I have a few unfamiliar messages appearing in my .err files - they
  don't stop the run from completing, so I would like to know whether
  are just of the 'debugging and information' type referred to in the
  manual. (The run is for an incident 3 GeV electron beam on a target,
  uses the PHOTONUC card to activate photoneutron interactions).=20
  The messages are:
  *** Kaon: P_min 1.5 GeV/c: 15 1.62058749
  This appears several times near the start of the err file.=20
  *** Peanut:Ptres,Ibres,Icres 0. 16 7
  This appears many times throughout the file.
  *** Eveneu: no downsc. group selected, cusngl, rsngl, igpr ***
  This only appears once.
  Thanks for any advice,
  Frances Burge
  Health Physicist
  01235 778269
  Diamond Light Source Ltd.
  Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
  OX11 0DE
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