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From: Rodion Kolevatov <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2019 09:27:58 +0000

Dear Luis,

There is a way for summing 2D plots using capabilities of Gnuplot which I am using and which may work also for you.

When choosing Gnuplot for plotting and pressing the "Plot" button, Flair generates two files which contain data in a format readable by Gnuplot. The first one (YourDetector.dat) contains results of your simulation. The second file (YourDetector.geo.dat) contains the description of the geometry which is usually plotted on top of the 2D data plot. With Gnuplot one can read several data files in parallel provided they have identical binning. The 'splot' treats the result like a single file which has extra data columns, so one easily can add up contributions with appropriate normalization.
I attach a Gnuplot example where a sum of two contributions is plotted. This is a calculation of dose rate around a neutron guide (shielded by steel and concrete) where the neutron beam is blocked by an absorbing shutter. The two sources for which separate simulations were performed are a cold neutron beam hitting the shutter and a prompt gamma radiation accompanying neutron transport in the guide.

Hopefully you will find this example helpful.

Best regards,

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Dear Fluka experts,

I am designing the shielding for a LINAC and I have some doubts. I have simulated different angles in separated folders, and I was wondering if flair offers some kind of tool that allows to add the contribution of the different simulations and generate a .bin file that I can plot.

Best regards,


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