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1) polar angle 0 .. pi
2) normalization is the surface shared between your two regions. If you give it you will get the results per cm2
3) yes you get double differential yield n/GeV/sr/primary and if normalization is applied also per cm2


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Dear FLUKA experts,

I am studying the neutron yield from a Be target hitten by a 7Li beam.

I run a FLUKA simulation with the configuration: a cylindrical Be
target hitten by a 32 MeV per nucleon 7Li beam (the input card in
the attached file)

I used a USRYIELD card to scrore the total number of neutron produced.
1)Is it right that if I am interested in total number of neutrons which
are formed forward the
first variable is the polar angle theta from 0 to pi/2(=1.57079633) or o
to pi?

2)What does it mean normalization factor (WHATS 6)?Is it normalization
from radian to steradian? What is the mean in my case?1/2pi?

3) As a result I need to produce yield in neutrons per primary. Is it
right that if my normalization factor will be 1, I get double
differential yield n/Gev/sr per primary
and if my normalization factor will be not 1, I get double differential
yield n/Gev per primary?
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