Re: [fluka-discuss]: Flattering filter geometry

From: Andrea Fontana <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 14:40:32 +0200

Hi Jason,
    you could use the geometry system of FLUKA (combinatorial geometry)
to define the valley by crossing planes or a cylinder with your cone and
by subtracting the common region. I do not have a drawing of your case,
but I think that this could work and that you could make an attempt.

The cool thing is that this can be done directly in Flair, by using
its zone editing capabilities. See, for example, the slides given
at the latest Fluka advanced course:

where a tilted hole is created within a sphere.

Kind regards,

On 11/07/2019 16:56, TYRRELL, JASON wrote:
> Dear FLUKA Experts,
> I am trying to create a difference flattening filter by stacking a
> series of cones on top of one other using FLUKA geometry package.
> However, one filter has a depression/valley at the base. Is there a
> way to manipulate the shapes in FLUKA manually to create the
> depression at the base of a cone/overall filter?
> I appreciate any help you can provide.
> Jason.

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