[fluka-discuss]: Problem to start number of jobs

From: babintsev <babintsev_at_ihep.ru>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 08:00:38 +0300

  Dear experts,

  I have got problem to start number of jobs with FLUKA.
  I want to start 2 jobs , each with 3 cycle to get quick result.
  i.e. the same input file, but 2 different RANDOMIZ values.

  I have created 2 input file : target-L30-a.inp

   where I move point in the RANDOMIZ value for b-variant

   then I started like this :

   /fluka/fluka2011.2x-linux-gfor64bit-7.4/flutil/rfluka -N0 -M3
   /fluka/fluka2011.2x-linux-gfor64bit-7.4/flutil/rfluka -N3 -M6

   Result : I have got 1 job for a-variant only
            and error for  b-variant :

         ...   STOP NO RANDOM FILE ...

  Then I tryed to start b-variant from another directory -
    and I have got the same error !

  Could you please get me a hit - how to start number of jobs at the same
  time with the same input file  ?

  thank you

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