[fluka-discuss]: Neutron cross-section cards

From: Adams, Quentin E (UI Health Care) <"Adams,>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 15:12:48 +0000

Dear FLUKA experts,

Is there a way to use a neutron cross section for a material that is currently not included in the FLUKA neutron library?

If there is no way define and use your own neutron cross-section, what is the process to go about requesting that the material in question can be added to the FLUKA library?

The isotope in question that I am looking to use is Ytterbium, and I would like to use thermal neutron absorption cross sections for Yb-168, Yb-169, Yb-170, Yb-171, Yb-172, Yb-173, Yb-174, and Yb-176. The cross-section for Yb-175 is not available but the rest of these neutron cross-sections are documented and available from the IAEA. (https://www-nds.iaea.org/relnsd/vcharthtml/VChartHTML.html)

I appreciate any help!

Thank you,

Quentin Adams

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