[fluka-discuss]: Installing Fluka for Docker on Window 10 Home

From: Andrew Hastings <ahasti4_at_lsu.edu>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 15:44:18 +0000

Fluka Team,

I've read and followed the procedure to install Docker and then the Windows version of Fluka several times now. I've downloaded Docker Toolbox for Windows 10 Home, XLaunch, and the F4D folder. I've used Admin Permissions for all programs, and have verified that VirtualBox UI shows C/Users is shared with full access.

The ls command in Docker terminal in /c/Users/docker shows the expected scripts and files, but when I type in "install_win.bat" is says Command not found.

Oddly enough, I can double click the script in file browser and it attempts to run. Fluka and Flair will also open, but I get Errno 13 in flair when I try to save anything.

Any idea why this isn't installing/running correctly?

Kindest Regards,

Andrew D. Hastings
Medical Physics and Health Physics Graduate Student (MS)
Louisiana State University

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