Re: I: linking to dpmjet & rqmd

From: Giuseppe Battistoni <>
Date: Fri May 02 2008 - 10:01:11 CEST

withou modifying the script, you can add on the command line your
routines. Let's look inside ldpm3qmd:

$FLUPRO/flutil/lfluka -L$FLUPRO -L$FLUPRO/interface -L$FLUPRO/latestRQMD \
-l dpmjet3 -l rqmd -O dpmmvax -O rqmdmvax -m fluka -o flukadpm3 $*
exit 0

The $* after -o flukadpm3 means any other thing that you add on the line
command. For instance, if you have to link together routine1.o
and routine2.o you just can give the command:

$FLUPRO/flutil/ldpm3qmd routine1.o routine2.o

Then you can rename the default executable (flukadpm3) to any name, if you
need it.

Tip n.1:
instead of giving routine*.o you can give directly the source
file name: routine1.f routine2.f.
The lfluka script will invoke the necessary fff script.

Tip n.2:
the above described method might become unpractical for a large number
of user routines. In that case we advice to build an object collection
called libmylib.a (using the unix ar command) and then edit (and rename)
ldpm3qmd including -O mylib (i.e. without lib and .a)

        Giuseppe Battistoni

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Ing. Alessandro A. Porta wrote:

> Dear all, I have a question: what I have to do to link user routines to a
> dpmjet-rqmd "version" ?
> Looking inside ldpm3qmd script I've thought to add myroutines.o object
> files after the -o myflukadpm3 option.
> Is it right ???
> Best regards
> Alessandro Porta
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Received on Fri May 2 10:05:45 2008

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