[fluka-discuss]: Message from the Management of INFN and CERN

From: Stefan Roesler <Stefan.Roesler_at_cern.ch>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 12:34:56 +0000

Dear FLUKA users,

Please find below a message on behalf of the Management of INFN and CERN.

Best regards

In 2003, CERN and INFN, as the copyright holders of FLUKA, concluded an agreement that put in place the organizational framework for the development, maintenance, distribution and support of this important scientific software tool.

Today, more than 15 years on, it is time to prepare the future of FLUKA, drawing on lessons learned and on current standards in the organization of software collaborations.

The aim is to ensure FLUKA's long-term sustainability and capability to meet the evolving requirements of its user community, welcoming contributions by both established FLUKA contributors as well as new partners.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of this effort, including in terms of access modalities to FLUKA, applicable license conditions, user support and any other pertinent element.

CERN and INFN are grateful for your continued engagement towards the success of FLUKA.

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