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Dear Jason,

If you score dose, you get indeed results in the unit of GeV/g per primary. If you want to obtain Gy per primary (i.e., J/kg per primary), you need to multiply the results by 1.602176462E-7. In order to obtain your actual values of Gy, you then need to normalize these new results (which so far are then in Gy per primary) by the number of primaries in your facility.

If you use DOSE-EQ, it depends on when the scoring is done: if during irradiation (i.e., prompt radiation, or instantaneous dose-rate), then your results are simply in pSv/primary, and you need to multiply it by the number of primaries per second in order to obtain pSv/s (which you can then convert to uSv/h).
If the scoring is done after irradiation, with dcyscore, then your results are in pSv/s per primary because you have already set the number of primaries per second in your input (in IRRPROFI).


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Hi fluka users,

I have scored dose in a water phantom using importance biasing. I want to convert the dose values to (j/kg). From what I have read, the dose is scored in the units of GeV/g per primary. Is it possible to get the number of particles that fluka has scored in order to do the conversion? I have tried looking in the output file and couldn't locate it.

Also, I am attempting to score instantaneous dose rate in (uSv/hr). I have added usrbin set to Dose-eq and auxscore( with set = AMb74). I also added dcyscore. Will this give me equivalent ambient dose rate ( pSv/sec)?

Thanks a lot,


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