[fluka-discuss]: Upgrade FLUKA + issue of run a model

From: Dr Saad A. Alshahri <sshahri_at_kacst.edu.sa>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 08:09:46 +0000

Dear All;
Is there any simple way (step by step) to upgrade FLUKA to last version in Linux Ubuntu operating system.
Also, when I tried to run some examples on FLUKA flair, the message I can see is “Finished Ok” !! in this case what do think , what is possible problem here?

Best regards;

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Dear Yao,

There are at least two ways to apply a two-steps method for the shielding design.

The first way is the one that you describe, where you can use the usrrnc.f user routine to write out all the residual nuclei created in your simulation into a file. Indeed, it is called every time a residual is produced (as long as you have your USERWEIGH card). You can find some hints on how to perform a two-steps method in Fluka in one of the lectures of the advanced course (see “Two steps Exercise 5”)


Alternatively, you could set up a two-step approach within one single set of simulations. You can simulate both material activation and the decay of radionuclides produced with RADDECAY. When you simulate the decay, you can make other surrounding materials “disappear” with ASSIGNMA – this way you can see the dose-rate which comes directly from your target, beam dump etc without the contribution from surrounding materials/objects. You can use this dose-rate to design the thickness of your lead glass window, or to compare with the results from the two-steps method with usrrnc.f - so that you are sure that everything is working smoothly.


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Hello evergyone,

I am learning the two-steps method for the shielding design of the highly activated components in accelerator, such as target, beam dump, degrader, etc. For example, in the first step, the induced activity in the target will be scored and the output will be saved into a user routine (usrrnc.f? I am not sure for this).Then,in the second step, the target will be placed in a shield container (lead, iron, etc.), and the thickness must be evaluated in order to protect the personnel. Also, sometimes the components will be transported to the hot cell. The thickness of lead glass window or concrete wall needs to be calculated.I found rarely information about this in FLUKA discuss archive or FLUKA courses. Could anyone give me some examples or advices ?

Best regards

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