[fluka-discuss]: Re: Converting Dicom to voxel file

From: Amy Elliott <amy.elliott_at_oncology.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 12:17:36 +0000

Here are some examples of the .dcm files

Thank you

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Subject: RE: Converting Dicom to voxel file

Dear Amy,

Could you please send us the exemplary DICOM files (2-3) to investigate this issue?

Wioletta Kozłowska

CERN & Medical University of Vienna

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Converting Dicom to voxel file

Hello Fluka,

I want to import .dcm files and convert them to the .vxl file. However the files I upload are not visualised properly in the viewer, rather than the CT image I expected just the outline of the body in white and black. Then when I come to create the voxel file is says 'Error cannot open output voxel file'.

The only other this I have noticed is that flair does not present the z component of the files. (screen shots attached)
I have tried editing the dicom files to force 3 coordinates however this caused flair to crash.

I have tried finding other dicom files on the internet but none of them work either.

What is wrong with my .dcm files?

Amy Elliott

University of Oxford Biophysics

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